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April 1999

Global perception | detailed approach

A Fully & Truly Integrated Communication Advisory

Since 1999, we have provided a unique brand of integrated communications that combines passionate, compelling storytelling with innovative strategies. Over the past two decades, we have built and continue to build the reputation of our clients from government agencies and private companies. By providing expert communications advice on our in-depth platform on investor and public relations and digital media skills, we inform, inspire and influence audiences in the European Union and beyond.

GOU Group is a privately owned consulting company based in the Czech Republic. We advise Czech, European, Russian and CIS entrepreneurs and enterprises, helping them gain and maintain strategic initiative in building partnerships and business activities. A deep understanding of current trends in business development and technologies, combined with our expertise and political insights and connections, enable us to design and implement effective business strategies for our clients. GOU Group can also establish and build relationships with the media, government institutions and agencies, investors, the general public and other crucial audiences. In this way, we help our clients achieve their strategic business goals.


Ivan Starodubov

Managing Partner | Founder

Ivan is responsible for operations in company’s Prague office and is also responsible for developing new areas of business for GOU Group. He has many years of practical experience in management. Ivan has led a number of communications projects, many of which were widely noticed and acclaimed by the professional community. Ivan is a personal advisor to the heads of major Czech, Russian and international companies. Ivan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts (Mass Media & Communication) from the State University of New York, speaks Czech, English and Russian languages.

Ernest McCall


Ernest manages the development and implementation of the Financial Communications and the Corporate and Crisis Communications Practices. He began his career at Inter-American Development Bank, a multilateral lending agency based in Washington. Ernest also advises his 100% family-owned oil distribution, rail transport, and industrial/commercial real estate companies (investment strategy, pension fund risk management, environmental risk and remediation of polluted sites). Ernest is a graduate of Geneva International School and Princeton University (with honours). He also holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, fluent in ten languages.