Working closely with “Tier 1” suppliers to the world’s
largest automotive companies, the company has
provided products and services since 1991.
Beside automotive industry, the company manufactures thermoplastic
injection mouldings for customers in various industrial sectors,
including electrical engineering, electro-technical, telecommunication
technology, precision mechanical engineering, home appliances,
and other.


After a comprehensive analysis of the company, we developed a completely new strategy for internal and external communication, which we successfully implemented on the basis of modern tools and technologies.

New guidelines describe the visual and verbal elements that represent company’s new corporate identity. This includes the name, logo and other elements, such as color, type and graphics. Sending consistent and controlled message of who they are is essential to representing a strong, unified image of the company. These guidelines reflect commitment to quality, consistency and style. The new brand, including the logo, name, colors and identifying elements are valuable company assets.

Based on new corporate strategy, we have took thousands of pictures throughout all company’s departments, processes, and assets, and transfer them into hundreds of gigabytes of high quality materials for printing and web.


Taking into account the specifics of production and the range of technologies used, we have developed a comprehensive digital presentation of the company and its capabilities, adapted to all types of browsers and devices.


It is important to draw the client’s attention to technical capabilities, especially in the design & construction segments, based on the latest technologies.


We conducted an in-depth analysis of the equipment and technologies of the company for the presentation of a full scope of opportunities, taking into account the possible expansion of production capacity and activities.

In addition to the clean design and user-friendly interface, we placed the main focus of the website on attracting new specialists to the company, from simple workers and students of technical universities, to highly skilled specialists.

New accounts and profiles were created in the main social and professional networks.


We applied all additional services and tools to the social and professional network accounts to follow main activities and behavior of online visitors and support the day-to-day online communication channels and campaigns with the team and customers.

Understanding users’ behaviour helps to tune up the communication channels.


We have implemented Google Analytics system. integrated with Google AdWords, the company can now review online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and conversions (goals).


Visual content is increasingly important for communicating.


Data visualisation, images, or infographics are telling stories in intelligent, transparent, and effective ways. We helped through graphic design deliver complex ideas and create deeper layers of engagement with clients & partners, employees, and general public.


We have studied in detail local traditions and holidays, as well as the passions and preferences of the company’s employees. Based on the information collected, we began to support, participate and conduct events and campaigns in the city and region where the company is located.


Week of Sports is the largest and most massive annual event held in the town, where the company is located.


About 3 thousand participants and visitors are gathering for this event, while the population of the town has only about 15 thousand inhabitants. Such events are the key in promoting the company, enhancing the corporate spirit of employees and searching for new colleagues.