As many businesses affected by this pandemic, GOU Group successfully moved its entire operations to remote work in mid-March, and has been working business as usual despite the challenge of moving large video files back and forth between our servers and staff at home each night.


However, studio and location shooting has come to almost a standstill as the prospect of a crowded set makes for a potentially unsafe environment. In an effort to find a safe middle ground for near future shoots, our team came up with a set of safety guidelines that can enable us to continue shooting in studio and on location with minor impact on creativity and shooting styles.


These guidelines are what we will be using for any shoot moving forward, and will apply to anyone on set including clients, actors and crew. The goal is to create an environment that’s safer than a trip to the grocery store.


We are freely sharing these guidelines with anyone that wants to implement them in their video and photo production efforts, and we welcome any feedback or suggestions to improve these guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety.

Studio & Location Shooting Safety Guidelines

All Day Rules

  • Everyone wears a mask at all times (except actors on camera).
  • Glove change every 2 hours, or after touching something someone else has touched.
  • If not wearing gloves, wash hands properly (20 seconds) or use hand sanitizer every hour, or immediately after touching something someone else has touched.
  • Wash hands after bathroom use.
  • Don't touch anything that doesn’t need to be touched.
  • Personal items, food/water, electronics, phones, laptops, should not be on set or leave your person, i.e. phones stay in your own pocket.
  • Do not touch your face at all - with or without gloves.
  • One person is assigned to open/close location space door for everyone else.
  • Printed materials and pens/writing instruments need to be labeled with your name and stay with you throughout the day. Everyone prints out their copies ahead of time.

We provide

Face masks


Hand soap

Hands sanitizer

Lysol spray & wipes

Trash can

for gloves, general trash

Safe Shooting Rules


  • Same person touches only the gear they will need to touch all day.
  • Camera operator to carry in and setup camera & audio related cases and gear.
  • Other person brings in C-stands, lights, cords with gloves.


  • Absolute minimum number of people on set at any given time.
  • Other people (crew, client, actors) wait outside/in car until they’re needed.
  • Avoid using lav mics at all costs, shotgun at safe distance.
  • Minimum 2 meters distance from other people in a space
  • Wardrobe decisions and clothing stay outside.
  • Wardrobe change happens in common use bathroom.
  • Hair and makeup self applied.
  • Scene setup changes: follow setup touch rules, same person who originally touched the piece of gear/equipment.


  • Bring your own food and drink - eat or drink in car or outside, 2 meters separation from others.


  • Same person touches only the gear they touched all day.
  • Wipe down/sanitize commonly touched surfaces: door handles, bathrooms, etc.