Can save up to 70% energy in heating domestic hot water

GSE THERMO’SYSTEM™ can save on the domestic hot water item in the electricity bill. This “special self-consumption” thermodynamic tank includes an electricity control and storage solution. It is fed directly by the photovoltaic electricity produced locally, thereby raising the self-consumption rate of the photovoltaic installation.

Main advantages of the GSE THERMO'SYSTEM™

GSE THERMO'SYSTEM™ has one of the highest performance coefficients in the marketplace: 3.2 or 3.5 (depending on tank volume)

How does it work?

The GSE THERMO’SYSTEM™ tank works like all thermodynamic tanks, it uses the calories of the ambient air or the outside air. On the other hand, this tank can optionally use an energy management solution and trigger its operation during the day when the energy produced by the photovoltaic panels is greater than the needs of the house. The system then uses the photovoltaic energy produced to heat the domestic water.


If the overproduction of the panels exceeds 750W, then the heat pump of the tank starts and allows a 100% free production of domestic hot water. In this case, your tank will work in an intelligent way and will allow the stored water to rise to 62°C.


GSE THERMO’SYSTEM is available in two volumes, 254L or 180L


Operates entirely independently.

  • It can be connected via a management module in addition to a photovoltaic or aerovoltaic installation.
  • Smart Grid module available.


Functions independently and optimises self-consumption of a photovoltaic installation.

Technical characteristics

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