International Communications

As our clients’ businesses grow in scale and expand beyond the Czech Republic, our team of international project experts can provide advice on the specific expectations of foreign audiences and how best to satisfy them.

We design positioning strategies for key foreign markets and select the most effective means of delivering them. Acting as a single point of contact for all our clients’ international communications needs, we help companies to establish and develop relationships with the foreign media, expert groups, and opinion leaders.

Corporate Communications

Our project expertise enables us to devise effective solutions for creating strong corporate reputations and delivering communications support.

We provide consulting services to Czech and global businesses, developing projects that enable our clients and their management teams to maintain their status as thought leaders and industry experts. We also initiate and support corporate social responsibility programs, and help to build relationships with the media and with expert communities. We understand the subtleties of our clients’ business and ensure that corporate reputations are managed effectively to achieve strategic goals.

Crisis Communications

We are skilled at preventing media & PR crises, preparing for them, and responding to them when they arise.

We provide communications support to companies involved in shareholder conflicts, litigation, environmental disaster response, and labor disputes. We manage crisis situations by predicting, preparing for, and swiftly responding to changing circumstances. When a crisis arises, our people are ready to suggest concrete actions and solutions to mitigate reputational risks and protect corporate interests in the media environment.

Public Affairs

We are uniquely experienced in designing and developing projects aimed at harmonising relations between society, government and business.

We help our clients to find reliable partners for community engagement, to evaluate the potential of such initiatives, and to select effective tools to support those initiatives.

Financial Communications

We provide support for complex deals on major European capital markets and help our clients build effective investor relations.

Our Financial Communications Practice is staffed by experts with a wealth of experience in IR, PR, business & financial journalism. We are also experienced in conducting financial operations and can communicate fluently in Czech, English, Russian and French. Drawing on this talent pool, we are able to create project teams that precisely match our clients’ needs. And with the help of our extensive worldwide partnership network, we can create unique project teams to achieve comprehensive financial communications objectives, be they international M&A transactions or positioning in the global financial community.

Government Relations & Lobbying

We are one of the few Prague-based consultancies offering professional services in the fields of government relations (GR), lobbying (direct & grassroots/grasstops lobbying), political consulting, and advocacy.

Our project-based approach to solving tasks, experience of working in the state sector, and extensive international networks enable us to effectively address challenges of varying levels of complexity in the Czech Republic, Russia, the CIS, and further afield. Depending on where our clients’ interests are being represented, we apply various methods of advocacy – from lobbying campaigns to constructive dialog with the authorities using soft power techniques. We act in line with rigorous ethical standards, dictated both by the company’s corporate rules & policies as well as by Czech & international law.

Personal Positioning

A company’s reputation depends largely on the good name of its founders, owners, and senior management.

When a business is experiencing systemic change, entering new markets, or implementing large-scale development plans, we help to devise positioning programs for its senior executives.

Data Visualisation

& Graphic Design

In the digital age, a visual content is increasingly important for communicating.

Data visualisation, images, or infographics are telling stories in intelligent, transparent, and effective ways. We help our clients through graphic design deliver complex ideas and create deeper layers of engagement with the consumer. Information visualisation allows us to present information in innovative and participative ways.