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Put into operation in 2013, the GAZELLE (DN 1400 PN 85) pipeline connects the BTS Brandov with the BTS Waidhaus in Bavaria, Germany. At Brandov, the pipeline is connected to the OPAL pipeline, and at Waidhaus to the MEGAL and OGE gas networks. It is connected to the Czech gas transmission system at Brandov, Kateřinský potok, Jirkov, Sviňomazy and Přimda.

Map of N4G network


General Contractor


Project Period

In November 2010, Stroytransgaz (STG) won the tender for construction of Gazelle gas pipeline in the Czech Republic. The 166 km long gas pipeline is an extension of the Nord Stream pipeline that transports gas from Russia to Europe. It provides for safe delivery of the Russian gas to Europe, as well as increase in the security of energy supply to the Czech Republic. Gazelle is designed for transmission capacity of 30 bln m3 per year. Net4gas, gas Transmission System Operator, acted as the customer for this project.

The STG scope of works included design and construction of 52.3km section of the 56in-diameter gas pipeline and construction of the metering station at Brandov with the procurement of technological materials.

The project was implemented in two stages.

Stage One

On September 30th, 2011, STG commissioned the cross-border transfer station at Brandov.

The border transfer station in the Ore Mountains connects the NET4GAS transmission system with the German GASCADE & OPAL-NEL GAS TRANSPORT system, specially with OPAL gas pipeline. Two metering sections allow bidirectional gas flow. The import metering section takes over natural gas from the OPAL gas pipeline into the GAZELLE gas pipeline leading through western Bohemia further to the Přimda junction point. The reverse flow to Germany is ensured through the export metering section to the STEGAL gas pipeline.

For its construction STG developed the procedures to be employed, performed part of the detailed design, delivered part of the process equipment, built two launcher and receiver traps, four filter separators, pressure reduction station, gas gathering and metering station, diesel generator plant and switchgear, and connected pipelines. It ensured the equipment piping, connection of the station to the 900, 1000 and 1400 mm pipelines already in use, and installation of the utility systems.

Stage Two

In January 2013, STG completed the construction of the gas pipeline. The STG scope of works included the construction of GAZELLE line pipeline of 52.3 km in length and 1422 mm in diameter, two block valve stations, installation of cathode protection system and power supply system, C&I (except for SCADA system), and fibre-optic cable.

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Project Manger | Branch Director

We invited GOU Group specialists into our project when the information background around our company, and its participation in the project, got out of the control. Ivan Starodubov and his team were able to not only stabilise the situation, but also bring the project to the highest diplomatic and intergovernmental levels. In collaboration with NET4GAS, a PR campaign was developed and implemented, which allowed us to change the background and the tone in the local media, and implement the most commercially successful project in the history of our EPC construction projects abroad.

Our Participance

Having started cooperation with STG, in order to develop the company’s activities in European markets, GOU Group simultaneously began to analyze the activities of the branch in the field of communications and public relations. With our arrival in the company, the Czech branch of STG first began to communicate with the Czech media, that is, after a year of the company’s presence in Central Europe. The only information that mentioned the name of the company before that was articles in which the emphasis was placed on the affiliation of STG to Gazprom, or on the affiliation of the company’s owners to the Russian Prime Minister (Vladimir Putin at that time), which distorted the company’s image on the initial the stage of entering the Czech market. Moreover, in connection with the rebranding, the client company NET4GAS carried out a large-scale one-man PR campaign as part of the construction of the Gazelle gas pipeline, as the company’s largest project at that time, while minimizing information about the rest of the project participants. This situation led to the fact that the client company did not consider the participation of STG in the ceremonial commissioning of the BTS Brandov with the participation of the President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus. In this connection, GOU Group took steps to resolve this situation.

Together with the communications department of the customer company NET4GAS, a joint strategy was developed for working with the media and authorities of both the regional administration and the administration of the President of the Czech Republic. As a result of the work done, the company could take part in the ceremonial commissioning of the Brandov facility, where the President of the Czech Republic met with the STG as a company and personally with the Chairman of the STG Management Board Sergey Makarov. This event allowed STG to create a positive image of an international company that came to the Czech Republic and enter both the political and business communities of the Czech Republic.


The symbolic cornerstone, laid in the foundation of the BTS Brandov, which was once signed by the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic Martin Kocourek.

Commemorative signatures

The cut-out section of the pipe, which was solemnly signed by the President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus, Governor of the Ustecky Region Jana Vaňková, Chairman of the Board of STG Sergey Makarov, and top management of NET4GAS.

Technology launch

Incoming gas cleaning filters, part of the BTS’ Brandov technology.

STG Deligation

The delegation of STG, as part of the viewing of the Brandov station by the President of the Czech Republic: Sergey Makarov, Chairman of the STG board, Oleg Varakin, Project Manager of the  GAZELLE pipeline project & Managing Director of the STG branch in the Czech Republic, Ivan Starodubov,  Commercial Director of STG in the Czech Republic, Jindřich Foreit is the Chief of Protocol for the President of the Czech Republic.

STG Participation

Sergey Makarov presented to the President the participation of STG in the construction of the GAZELLE gas pipeline.

Memorable gift

Sergey Makarov presented a memorable gift to the President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus.

Memorable gift

Sergey Makarov, handed over to the President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus a silver plate with gilding, which depicts a view of Moscow.

Station launch

The President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, signed the cut of the pipe and solemnly put into operation the Brandov border transfer station.