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Come to our team!

How to become a part of our team

We believe that giving people the freedom to do what they want brings out the best in them. And every problem that arises should be viewed as a new challenge, an opportunity to improve, a chance to innovate

1. Telephone interview

A telephone or Skype interview helps us learn more about your talents and experience. We believe that a great match is a two-way street, so the phone interview is both your opportunity to discover more about working with us and our chance to get to know you.

2. Onsite interview

Assuming the phone call goes well, we will invite you to an interview at one of our offices. Our interview process is designed to test your technical knowledge and to find out more about your personality, as well as your experience and motivation.

3. Test project

If we’re on the same page by this point, we will ask you to complete a test project. Note this applies to candidates for all positions. The purpose here is to both dig deep into your knowledge and expose you to the real job experience, which would also make your onboarding process more effective. In most cases, the test can be completed at home at your own pace so you can focus on quality.

4. Test project review

Your test will be assessed by professionals with whom you may end up working on the same team. From time to time, we ask candidates to fix some issues or tasks in the test project. Communication with the team during the test project is also an important criterion for us. We follow up with what’s going on and provide every candidate with feedback on their completed test. If this feedback is positive, you will be invited to our team.

Open positions:

  • Need to have minimum 3 years work experience in photovoltaics
  • Fascinating work in a friendly team of dedicated colleagues
  • 5 weeks of paid vacation
  • Full salary during sick leave
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Opportunity to travel to professional conferences all over the Europe and abroad

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We always need professionals. If you have not found a suitable vacancy for yourself in the list, send us your resume, we will contact you if a suitable position appears.