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Discover CONNECTOR, the dedicated space for installers

Step 1: Online Registration

Online configurator, trainings, help center, documentations. All the tools you need to assist you on a daily basis are here. Start building your project today in CONNECTOR and discover or re-discover the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM™ through online training!

Step 2: Online Training

Only 8 steps to everything you need to know about installing the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM™. Study the video tutorials and find out how:
  1. Positioning of support battens.
  2. Sealing strip installation.
  3. Installation of the frames.
  4. Micro-inverters installation.
  5. Lateral flashings installation.
  6. PV module installation and clamps positioning.
  7. Top flashing installation.
  8. Installation of roof tiles around the PV array.

Step 3: Online Certification

After the training, take a quiz and become a certified GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM™ installation specialist. The quiz contains 20 questions on topics from video lessons.

The Online Configurator

Get acquainted with the new generation of our Online Configurator. It's similar to the one you know, but it has a new interface with new features: keep track of all your projects and share them with your workgroups!

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