CONNECTOR – a new customer service system from GSE Intégration

GSE Intégration strengthens its position as the leading European expert in the field of innovative solar solutions in the BIPV segment. Expanding the business in the market with an emphasis on customer service allows to increase the growth potential of the company and its sales.


After several months of development, GSE Intégration has brought CONNECTOR to the market! A comprehensive interface with various resources for professionals in the field of photovoltaics, including various tools, training, documentation… and it promises many more surprises ahead. In this article we will show you how to create an account in the CONNECTOR and start working with existing tools and materials.

Step One: Online Registration

In order to start working in the CONNECTOR, you need to register and create an account. To do this, click on the button below, go to the portal domain and enter the necessary information.

After successful registration, you will get to the CONNECTOR’s Dashboard, where you will find all the documentation for GSE systems, various tools, as well as online video trainings on the installation of the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM™.

Step Two: Online Training

Video lessons will allow you to learn all the stages and details of installing the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM™.

The eight video tutorials include the following topics:

  1. Positioning of support battens.
  2. Sealing strip installation.
  3. Installation of the frames.
  4. Micro-inverters installation.
  5. Lateral flashings installation.
  6. PV module installation and clamps positioning.
  7. Top flashing installation.
  8. Installation of roof tiles around the PV array.

Step Three: Online Certification

After reviewing the video tutorials, you will be able to test your knowledge by answering 20 questions in the quiz, and in case of an incorrect answer, you will always be able to return to the video lesson, which will explain this question in detail. Successful completion of the test allows you to be ready and certified in the installation of the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM™.


After successful completion of the training, you can start using various tools that will help you plan your project and calculate the price of system components.

In particular, you can use the new generation of the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM™ configurator, which will allow you to easily enter all the parameters of your project, calculate the compatibility of your chosen PV module, roof windows, roof shape and other parameters.

Moreover, the new configurator allows you to share your projects with your team members, and also allows you to database and access all your projects in one place.

Step Four: Online Tools – New Configurator for the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM™

In the end, the Сonfigurator will provide you with a complete list of components and an indicative price of your project, and the GSE Intégration will receive all the necessary information to provide you with a final quote with a possible discount of up to 30% of the cost of the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM™.

The final step will be to coordinate with you the final price, payment terms and delivery of the goods to the address you specified.



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