Universal system for attaching photovoltaic panels directly to the roof

GSE ON-ROOF SYSTEM™ is the quick and easy solution for fastening photovoltaic panels overlaid on the roof. Its revolutionary patented design has been developed in 2018 for an installation in total safety whilst maintaining the warranty of the current roof covering.

The main advantages of the GSE ON-ROOF SYSTEM™

Resistant and solid

This innovative solution enjoys extreme mechanical resistance:

  • Tests on the studs have been conducted by CSTB (Scientific and Technical Centre for Building) on a traction of 1488 kg/stud (1489 daN) and shearing (slip) of 306 kg/stud (300 daN).
  • It complies with the DTU implementation rules for roof covering components. Loads are transmitted directly onto the rafter. The standard fitting track has a wide span with just two studs on 5 m of track.
  • Eurocode 8 climate resistance: The studs or hooks are compatible with all snow and wind areas up to the coast.(France – Rule NV65/Eurocode 8,m Order of 22/10/10 amended).


This fitting system prevents rainwater from infiltrating under the tiles. The assembly is fully watertight; this has been validated by CTMNC (Technical Centre for Natural Building Materials) wind tunnel tests (Moby Dick 2).


2 studs, 2 plates for 100% of roofs! The two 96mm and 136mm high studs coupled with an exclusive 40x40cm plate or a 50x60cm lead tile, allow for overlay fixing on 100% of roofs. It is compatible with framed photovoltaic panels of any size and with all roofing elements on the market. This innovative Made in France solution has been developed in line with GSE Intégration's own innovation and with Terreal's 30 years of expertise in lead tiles. Innovative solutions have been developed for slates, flat tiles and tiles with highly-curved channels.

Easy to fit and extremely resistant

Ideal for professionals seeking to simplify and optimise their installations in line with best practices!

Flat tile
Mechanical tile with little curve
Mechanical tile
Tile with highly-curve channel
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The system can be fitted in portrait or landscape format without cross track and with a very limited number of parts:

Installation of the GSE ON-ROOF SYSTEM™

Here you will find all the necessary information and documentation for the installation of the GSE ON-ROOF SYSTEM™, including a video overview

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