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The smarter E Europe

The smarter E Europe is the innovation hub for events and topics that drive the new energy world. Renewable energy, decentralization and digitalization are bringing about lasting changes to the energy world. This development demands cross-sector, intelligently connected concepts and solutions for the efficient generation, storage, distribution and use of energy. Under the motto “Creating the new energy world”, The smarter E Europe unites four exhibitions and conferences that take an in-depth look at these topics. In doing so, it is now Europe’s largest platform for the energy industry.

The PV industry is taking off

The concept of “energy transition” emerged in Germany in the 1980s. The PV-Symposium just as the energy transition has established itself as the most significant photovoltaics (PV) forum in German-speaking countries. The forum first took place in Germany in 1968 and most recently for the 38 time in the first week of March this year.

Over much of the four decades since the energy transition started, the PV industry was characterized by a hint of virtuous “modesty”. Higher, further, faster – this attitude was left to the tech giants from Silicon Valley. PV seemed to be more about “opportunities” and “potential”.

However, this year’s PV-Symposium in Bad Staffelstein unleashed the new PV-mindset: Solar experts are ready to accelerate change significantly! Yes, we can! The much-needed political support is finally available, and paired with the mature and sophisticated high-tech industry, has triggered a momentum of optimism and progress. Without a trace of false modesty!

Come visit us and discuss new plans and ideas

Come visit our booth at this PV symposium and learn about new technologies, the latest trends in the PV market and how our systems are changing the whole approach in PV construction.

Original source: InterSolar News Letter

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June 19th-21st of 2024, at Messe München

We will be glad to see you at our exhibition stand #360, in Hall A5, and introduce you to the latest products from GSE Intégration and the current trends in the photovoltaic industry.