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A unique universal mounting system that will allow the installation of photovoltaic modules in cases where they can not be installed on the roof of the house

GSE GROUND SYSTEM™, from the French company GSE Intégration, offers a unique technical solution that allows you to quickly, economically and without unnecessary consents and permits to install photovoltaic modules in case of lack of space or the possibility of installation on the roof of the house. It is enough to have a flat surface on the site.

GSE GROUND SYSTEM™ is an intuitive system that allows you to quickly install photovoltaic modules on the ground without the need for expensive and time-consuming earthworks or concreting. The system holds two PV modules and can be multiplied in any quantity. The structure of the system is made of galvanized steel and without a ballast weighs only 8 kg per PV module. The system is loaded with bulk materials such as sand, gravel, stones or concrete slabs, and is also adjustable between 7 and 40 degrees during installation.

GSE GROUND SYSTEM™ is compatible with 95% of all standard PV modules on the market. This system, designed for the housing market, has also found its place in the industrial sector and agriculture, where independent projects with a consumption of more than 100 kWp appear.

Several technical criteria that allow you to assess the simplicity and versatility of the system and its affordable price:

  • The system does not need time-consuming and expensive preparatory earthworks and concreting. Only a flat surface is needed to install the system.
  • The system is so simple that it is easy and quick to assemble and disassemble with minimal difficulty.
  • No administrative formalities are required, since the height of the system is less than 1.8 m.
  • The system can capture PV modules with an inclination of 7 to 40 degrees and only in portrait format.
  • The system is compatible with 95% of all standard PV modules on the market.
  • One block of the system holds 2 PV modules, and other such blocks can be multiplied in any amount.
  • When retracting loose materials such as sand, rubble, stones, concrete slabs, etc., one block weighs more than 200 kilograms.
  • The system has two options for fixing PV modules: fixing the “Z” profile and fixing to the standard profile, which spoils when installing PV modules on the roof.
  • The price of one block of the system, depending on the composition of its components, ranges between 110-180 euros.
  • The delivery time of the goods to Slovakia is about 6-7 days after payment of the order.
  • The system is 100% recyclable.
GSE GROUND SYSTEM™ is an economically advantageous, administratively undemanding and ecologically oriented technical solution that allows quick and high-quality installation of the system both for home on your plot and for the construction of a solar park.

For more detailed information about the system and its technical specifications, you can directly visit the GOU Group website at


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