RETOS Project – SEFY Czech Republic s.r.o.

A beautiful example of using GSE GROUND SYSTEM™ in a project of SEFY Czech Republic s.r.o. in Varnsdorf, Czechia.

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GSE GROUND SYSTEM™ , from the French company GSE Intégration, is a very simple and functional solution for the ground installation of photovoltaic modules.

The system is compatible with 95% of all standard PV modules on the market. It has a very simple design and components, which allows you to perform the installation in the shortest possible time without complex technical tools or equipment.

In addition, the GSE GROUND system does not need to drill the soil, strengthen the supporting structure, and it can also be quickly disassembled, as well as assembled, making it environmentally friendly. The system is mounted on a flat surface and loaded with sand, gravel, cement or concrete slabs, as in this project.

GSE GROUND SYSTEM™ is unique in that it can be used both in large projects such as solar parks and in small projects where, for example, it is not possible to install PV modules on the roof of the house, but there is free space on the plot. In addition, the system does not require any administrative formalities for installation, since the height of the system does not exceed 1.8 m.

If you are interested in our GSE GROUND system, we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information. You can also contact SEFY Czech Republic s.r.o. who has experience in installing our system in projects of any scale.


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