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A unique universal mounting system that changes the classic approach to installing photovoltaic modules on the roof

GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM™ from the French company GSE Intégration is a European leader in Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) systems, offering unique technical solutions for new buildings or renovation of old roofs.

The GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM™ is compatible with all types of roofing and 95% of all standard PV modules on the market. In addition, in collaboration with manufacturers such as Velux, Fakro and Roto, components have been developed that make it easy to combine the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM™ with roof windows.

The system is ideal for projects of new buildings or roof reconstruction, as it is installed directly on the wooden roof structure, directly on the roof battens. This solution allows you to simplify the construction process of the roof, and also save on roofing materials. The system presents various models of frames made of ultra-durable and lightweight plastic that can withstand high temperatures and other climatic conditions.

Here are a few technical criteria that will allow using the system in your project, and also show the universality of the system:

  • The system is so simple that it is easy to assemble and disassemble, with minimal labor, and also has very easy access to the space under the PV modules, in case of service work.
  • The system can be used on a roof with a minimum slope of 12 degrees.
  • The system is compatible with all types of roofing, whether it is classic shingles or corrugated sheet.
  • The system is compatible with Velux, Fakro and Roto roof windows.
  • PV modules can be installed in the system, both in a vertical format and in a horizontal one.
  • The system can be of any size and shape, from a row in several PV modules to the entire roof surface.
  • The maximum dimensions of standard PV modules compatible with the system to date are 2180×1305 mm (in vertical format) and 940×1740 mm (in horizontal format).
  • The system has a very practical design that does not allow dirt to accumulate under the PV modules, and also has a very modern and attractive appearance.
  • The system is one of the most certified BIPV systems in the EU and is waterproof, fireproof, ventilated and also recyclable.
  • The system is also economical and financially attractive. The price of one square meter of the system with all its components fluctuates around 25-30 euros.
  • The system has a minimum ten-year warranty like most roofing materials.
  • The delivery time of the goods to Slovakia is about 6-7 days after payment of the order.

The GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM™ is an economically advantageous and legislatively convenient solution for developers when the opportunity to reduce the cost of building materials appears and will be adapted to the new laws on the mandatory availability of ecological and renewable energy sources in the project. In addition, early information received from the future owner about the desired roof solar system allows even at the design or construction stage to make those changes and works that will allow developers to be more flexible and attractive to new customers.

Get more information about the system and its technical specifications, also about the possibility to calculate your project using the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM™, and get a discount of up to 30% when ordering, you can directly on our website.


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